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Cozy Living
Where Comfort Meets Style

Since 2000, Your Destination for Exceptional Furniture and Design Solutions

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style at Cozy Living. Established in 2000, we curate a premier selection of quality furniture from leading Canadian, American, and Italian manufacturers such as Decor-rest, Handstone, Trica, Palliser, and Rowe. Our dedicated team, specializing in customization, is here to assist you in creating a timeless, fresh, and comfortable look that suits your budget. Visit Cozy Living and let us inspire your home's transformation.

Our Top Brands



Luxury upholstered furniture for the living room, dining room, and bedroom.


Sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, and coffee tables for modern living spaces.
Contempo Handstone


Custom built solid wood furniture crafted in Canada.

Your All-in-One Destination for Stylish Living

Explore sofas, chairs, dining sets, and more—where comfort meets design excellence

Elevate Your Space with

Cozy Living's Home Decor Accessories

At Cozy Living, furniture isn't just furniture, it's the foundation for creating spaces that sing your story. We're your one-stop shop for sofas that hug, beds that cradle dreams, and chairs that invite lingering conversations. But that's just the beginning. Our curated collection of home decor accessories is like a treasure trove of personality, waiting to be unleashed. From statement vases to cozy throws, playful artwork to unique lighting, we have everything you need to transform your house into a haven that reflects your unique spirit. So, come explore, get inspired, and let Cozy Living help you create a home that's truly, wonderfully you.

Nature's Touch

Handstone Collection for Inspired Living

Embark on a voyage of inspired living with our "Nature's Touch: Handstone Collection." This enchanting array seamlessly blends the inherent beauty of nature with exquisite craftsmanship, bringing vitality to your living areas.

Each item in the Handstone Section epitomizes woodworking artistry, presenting not merely furniture but a link to the organic grace of the wilderness. Dive into this exceptional collection and welcome the serenity and genuineness of nature into your home, where every element embodies the essence of inspired living.

High quality

Explore our collection for high-quality furnishings that elevate your living space.

Seamless Body

Discover the seamless body design of our furniture pieces, crafted for both comfort and style.

Rest Easy, Live Vibrantly

Bedroom Sets for Sale at Cozy Living

Step into a sanctuary of slumber with Cozy Living's exquisite collection of bedroom sets for sale. Forget cookie-cutter furniture – we believe your dreams deserve a personalized canvas.
At Cozy Living, we understand that bedrooms are more than just places to sleep. They're sanctuaries for self-care, cozy corners for late-night reads, and intimate spaces for shared dreams. That's why our bedroom sets for sale are crafted with both unparalleled comfort and timeless style.